Tom Sachs

From: 2001-10-16
To: 2001-11-26

Galleria Cardi & Co. is pleased to announce Tom Sachs solo show. ‘I am an artist because my career as a carpenter was unsuccessful. I feel like more of a professional hobbyist’. (Tom Sachs) From painting to sculpture, the New York based artist makes use of all the traditional techniques while reinterpreting them in a very unconventional way: foamcore, adhesive tapes of all forms and dimensions, glue, synthetic polymer based colours, wooden planks for ‘work in progress’ and police road blocks, markers or whatever one can find in a garage. In Tom Sachs’ production, the do-it-yourself American typical philosophy becomes a precise aesthetic choice, thanks to which his artworks show, at the same time, the final product and the technique used to make them, without any illusion whatsoever. The imagery from which Sachs draws his inspiration is a sort of kaleidoscope of influences put together in a very ironical and personal way: masters of art and architecture such as Brancusi, Warhol, Duchamp are found next to gadgets like Hello Kitty, to trademarks like McDonald’s, Bosch, Technichs, MacIntosh, Black & Decker, to luxury labels like Prada, Tiffany, Chanel and Burberry, to punk, hip-hop, free jazz music or to the imagery deriving from public organisations like NASA or the New York Police Department. What gives the artist the chance to combine contexts and elements apparently unrelated to each other is their obsessive representation within the contemporary cultural panorama whose only common point is the flattening of every specificity bringing on the proliferation of various status symbols. By doing this, Sachs underlines the values of originality and cultural identity within a constructive process where the unavoidable agreement to the mass culture ends up being combined with the times and means of its own demystification. All Sachs’ favourite subjects are present in his latest works that will be shown in the exhibition: the Hello Kitty cats populate the odd landscape cut out of a neon lit fridge like in Lost In The Wilderness; Lil’s T’s Toilet Town is a perfectly working toilet entirely made of foamcore and recycled materials -a Hoover works as a water pump- based on a coffee-table designed by Florence Knoll; Le Modulor is, at the same time, the proportional metric system conceived by Le Corbusier and the pocket tape measure created by Sachs.

© Galleria Cardi