From: 2010-08-05
To: 2010-09-26

Nunzio GALLERIA CARDI PIETRASANTA With the patronage of Comune di Pietrasanta - Assessorato alla Cultura Inauguration: Thursday 5 August 2010 at 7 p.m. Period of the show: 6 August to 26 September 2010 Gallery hours: Monday to Sunday - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. / 6 p.m. to midnight The Galleria Cardi is pleased to announce a solo show by Nunzio in its Pietrasanta venue. The series of works exhibited include three wall-pieces in lead, three reliefs in burnt wood, and a large-scale wooden floor-work consisting of interlocking blocks. The language employed is typical of the artist, with sinuous forms clashing with orthogonal lines and the recurrent idea of spatial fluidity interacting with the limits imposed by the geometry. In Nunzio's work the material is treated in such a way as to underline its intrinsic characteristics. The wood is burnt only on its outer surface to create a patina of black charcoal pigment, the effect of the action of the flames. At times the combustion is accompanied by light chromatic effects. The sheets of lead are stretched, compressed, and shaped like large canvases mounted on wooden stretchers, and create concave forms of great spatial complexity. In this way the resulting works present visions of sinuously serpentine lines with rectilinear interruptions. On one of these, a fascinating and poetically evocative horizontal form seems to appear. Nunzio's work is made up of opposites. The lead reflects a concentrated light on the surface of the material which, in this manner, acquires a frozen appearance. The result is a chilly luminosity that transforms the metal sheet into light. The black burnt part, on the contrary, captures the light and releases it slowly. From the darkness its opposite radiates out, and the light intensifies the details of the handling of the material. The use of combusted wood also alludes to its opposite: fossils. The rhythm of the exhibition and its light and shade, are reflected in the large-scale floor-work. The dais, made from interlocking wooden elements, is painted in an almost transparent white. It is made up of pieces that are composed into a kind of large square puzzle onto which are grafted the burnt wooden volumes. A rhythmic flow crosses the space of this large interlocked piece. The vertical elements are silent presences that relate together on the level of existence, an existence which, even though fragmented and subdivided into parts, is recomposed into a fundamental geometry which reorders it and gives it back its meaning. Nunzio was born in Cagnano Amiterno, L'Aquila, in 1954; he lives and works in Rome and Turin.

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