Malcom Morley

From: 2003-04-08
To: 2003-05-30

Galleria Cardi & Co. is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Malcolm Morley, who will show seven new works. Born in London on June 7, 1931, but now an American citizen, the artist attended Camberwell School of Arts and the Royal College of Art. In 1958 he moved to New York, where he currently lives and works.

Morley is credited with launching two important art movements, Photo-Realism in the 1960s and Neo-Expressionism in the 1980s. Thanks to pictorial experiments based on photographs, the artist departed from the approach of the initial phase of his career, leaving behind the abstract subjects of the early 1960s. He began to paint subjects inspired by postcards and advertising images, then became interested in the photographs published in newspapers and on magazine covers.

The subjects of the paintings in this exhibition are based on photographs published in magazines and newspapers, and as a result are strikingly familiar to many viewers. Morley's technique results in a hyperrealistic style, even if his paintings do not correspond precisely to the original photographs. The artist applies a grid to the photograph, and then draws a corresponding grid on the canvas. He then paints one grid at one time, a procedure requiring both a mnemonic effort and an interpretation of the entirety of the model. The resulting work seems blurry, indefinite, and almost incomplete, while at the same time appearing hyperrealistic. Morley's subjects seem temporarily suspended, conveying the difficulty of defining a precise social identity, as if to affirm that refugees of war retain no identity or nationality, and in the end do not resemble themselves at all.

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