Graham Gillmore

From: 2006-02-12
To: 2006-04-24

The Canadian artist Graham Gillmore, who lives in both Vancouver and New York, will exhibit a new series of drawings. The artist uses phrases and words drawn from novels, musical reviews,magazines . The operation that Gillmore completes seems to carry to the light an idea hidden in the text originates inverting them letters simply, changing the order of the words to phrases or citations already notes. The support of which the artist servants have delivered up itself from old book keeping registries belonged to the father: to the context they trades and financial they come added therefore aesthetic and literary elements. You can read the phrases following the tracing determined from the sign of the color that encloses every single word: following the colorful trace of it can therefore reconstruct the complete phrase. With this operation Gillmore alludes to the enormous quantitative of information, profits or less, with which reference to the fragmentation and the discontinuity of the human experience has been bombed every day .

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