Good News

From: 2002-06-05
To: 2002-07-31

The show presents a selection of works by twelve international artists (of different generations and countries of origin) chosen according to the criteria of quality. Most of the works are paintings, except in the case of Richard Long where we can see nature transposed to a gallery. Art shows its kaleidoscopic face - volatile and fluid - made up of contrasts and harmonies. It is hard to find characteristics shared by all the artists in the show, but diversity is richness. As Tristan Tzara used to say, art is a continuous procession of differences. Some of the artists can be linked to that return to the image that forcibly pushed ahead between the end of the Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties (Francesco Clemente, Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Donald Baechler...). A central theme of attention to language, even verbal language, could be identified for other artists (Greg Colson, Graham Gillmore), while Guillermo Kuitca and Vik Muniz work on a mapping idea that is both earthly and celestial. Some artists work on pure abstraction and geometry (Peter Halley), others - conversely - on the object (Tom Sachs pays particular attention to advertising methods, and here Andy Warhol's influence is certainly not irrelevant). A shared theme can also be traced in a constant reference to the cinema on the part of Warhol and Salle who also took this course as did Schnabel (but in the latter's work this relationship is less evident). The good news is art news; art is flourishing, it creates differences and innovations in its works and continues to bring us variegated visions of the world, of worth and beauty.

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