Toland Grinnell
Domestic Arsenal

From: 2004-10-12
To: 2004-11-30

Toland Grinnell’s newest body of work entitled “Domestic Arsenal” is a further investigation of the artist’s interest with the politics of desire and the mechanics of contemporary consumerism. In his previous show with Galleria Cardi & Co. (“True Luxury”, 2002) Grinnell planted his foot firmly in the world of hand made luxury goods with his neo-baroque and satirical trunk sculptures: a camping set fit for a discerning multimillionaire, a collection of “dusters” that were as much weapon as they were cleaning device, along with other striking fold out boxes. In his most recent body of work on display at Galleria Cardi, Grinnell’s sculptures have turned more political. As the artist says, “My culture is unknowingly obsessed with consumerism, it’s our truest religion. Products and the accumulation of stuff is what we believe in, and our mission seems to be to try to make converts out of everyone that doesn’t understand this “truth”. We are crusaders in the most honest sense.” In eleven wall mounted cabinet sculptures resembling sleek versions of Grinnell’s signature hand crafted trunks, the artist has assembled psychologically charged groups of swords, knives and home cleaning supplies that the artist has been purchasing late night from television shopping channels and trips to nearby “Mega- stores” in New York like Target and Home Depot. The sculptures are alarming in their pop sensibility, like fancy store displays on steroids. The effect of seeing so many knives or scrubbing brushes each held in their own individual ultra suede lined sockets makes one think of military troupes lined up for battle or the stained glass windows of a gothic cathedral. These works stand as new testaments to the state of our western values and maybe the shape of things to come.

© Galleria Cardi